We're a finalist! Our Totally Tropical chilli sauce has been selected as a finalist in the Blas na hÉireann 2017 Irish Food Awards. Finals will be taking place in Dingle on September 30th. Wish us luck!

Your source for fresh chillies, chilli plants, chilli sauces, and other chilli products in Cork, Ireland.

Our Story

Cork Chilli Company grows and sells premium quality chillies in Cork. We make chilli sauces and other chilli based products, and also sells chilli plants.

We have been growing chillies in Cork since 2013. We have two growing facilities, one in Douglas and one in Rochestown.

We are open to the public on Saturday mornings from 10.00 - 2.00 at Douglas Farmers Market, outside Douglas Village Shopping Centre in Douglas, Cork.

Apart from the plants that we sell, all our chillies are grown hydroponically. That means no soil. The plants are grown in channels or pipes with their roots suspended in a water-based solution. There are significant benefits to growing hydroponically, including zero water wastage (great for the environment!) and precise control of the growing environment including pH and plant nutrients. Growing hydroponically also eliminates the risk of soil-borne pests and diseases, which significantly reduces the need for pest and disease control. This leads to stronger healthier plants, and superior fruit quality and yield.

Cork Chilli Company is growing over 40 different fresh chilli and chilli plant varieties in 2017. Check out our ‘Fresh Chillies’ and Chilli Plant’ links for details.

We currently produce 5 varieties of chilli sauce. These are our medium hot 'Blazing Cayenne' which combines the flavour of fresh tomatoes and ginger with a fabulous kick of Cayenne, 'Totally Tropical' made with pineapple, lime and jalapeno, 'Loco Jalapeno' a hot chilli sauce made from geen jalapenos with a zesty tang of fresh lemon juice, 'Habanero Inferno - Extra Hot' which packs a really hot punch of Habanero chillies with added Ghost Chillies, and 'Chocolate Reaper', a blisteringly hot combination of Chocolate Habanero and Carolina Reaper chillies. Are you brave (or stupid) enough to try it?

We also produce 'Mildly Molten Marmalade', a bitter-sweet combination of grapefruit and lime with a warm Inferno chilli glow. It’s great on toast, or with cheese or pâté.